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Driven by perfection.

Just like you.

Cinque Terre


We can often make improvements to the process, which lowers your costs.

Cinque Terre


Want to save not just money but also time with SET-on? Sounds good, right? How does it work?

Cinque Terre


The benefits can often be found in the smallest details. At Sluiter, we pay very close attention to these.

Smart Engineering Together


SET-On stands for Smart Engineering Together. If you choose SET-on, then we work in partnership even before our machines start to run. We sit down at the table earlier in the process, so that your skills and design can be combined with our knowledge, experience and craftsmanship. This allows us to make maximum use of our ability to optimise products and processes. This is guaranteed to deliver product, process and production optimisation. We are not afraid to make the following promise: we can sometimes deliver a surprising improvement, but we always deliver a measurable improvement.

Each complex, precision engineered component we produce is an essential link in the production process, or the basis for your project.

This applies whether it's a few pieces, or an entire series. We understand this very well. Our dedication can be seen in our drive for perfection. We never rest on our laurels; you can always ask us if it can be done better. You benefit from that drive to continuously seek out better, faster and more (cost) efficient solutions. It is important to us that you know that your work is in good hands. If you choose SET-on from Sluiter Machining, you can count on a partner with more than 15 years' specialist experience, optimisation of your production process with greater efficiency, and the reliability guaranteed by our ISO certification.

15 year's

specialist experience

ISO Certification

ISO 9001, NEN 10204


Greater efficiency


How much more can SET-on do for you?

With Smart Engineering Together, you can reap the greatest possible benefits from our ability to optimise products and processes.

We can often make improvements to your process. And this delivers results, as we know from experience. We bring this together in SET-on. If you choose SET-on, we will work together to achieve an optimal process and perfect products.


+31 488 44 14 24


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