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CNC turning and CNC milling

Sluiter Machining works for the Food, Pharma, Defence, Offshore and General Machine Building industries. Perhaps you are looking for a precision-engineered component that plays a crucial role in your production process. Or you're working with difficult-to-machine materials. Or you require a limited number of pieces in a special alloy. Or perhaps you're looking for a party that can take over an entire project, including surface treatments and assembly – and preferably a party that is also sensitive when it comes to budgets and timing. At Sluiter Machining, we love complex jobs. What will you challenge us with?

CNC-turning and milling

Our equipment range allows an extremely wide variety of components to be produced. We can carry out both 5-axis and 9-axis turning and milling. Needless to say, our production process makes use of the latest software. Our well-trained, enthusiastic team would be happy to use their expertise to show you how reliable and flexible our production process is..


“Machining difficult-to-machine materials isn't standard work. We can deliver you the perfection we promise.”

Marien, Sluiter Machining

Our certification

Turning and milling

For us, “driven by perfection” is so much more than just a slogan. It's our motto, our core. And the great thing is: it applies to us, and to you. Our drive for quality is reflected in our ISO9001 and NEN10204 certificates. These demonstrate that our company complies with international standards.

Would you like to discuss the possibilities? Please let us know.


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